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Wines for desserts


Dessert Wines are those suitable to accompany a sweet course, yet they can be enjoyed on their own either as an aperitif or instad of a liqueur. Our suggestions all have some sweetness in their make-up.

Dessert Wines can be sweet to a greater or lesser degree according to the method of production used. The most famous are made by the time honoured method of Sauternes where noble rot (Botrytis) is allowed to attack the grapes and concentrate the sugar. Our COTEAUX DU LAYON, TOKAY, SAUTERNES AND CADILLAC fall broadly into this category.

Just picking over-ripe grapes that contain more fruit sugar will produce a pleasant, but less intense sweetness, as our VOUVRAY demonstrates.

Wines from the Muscat grape (e.g. MUSCAT BEAUMES DE VENISE) are usually made by the addition of grape spirit, the yeast being prevented from fermenting all the alcohol, though our OCHOA MOSCATEL is a delicious exception.

Loft drying of the harvested grapes is a further method of concentrating grape sugars which results in an altogether different style as is our intriguing RECIOTO wines from Italy.

We have not included Sherries or Madeiras as these have their own categories (see the Category Listing on the left of this page.)

Dessert Wines

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