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Useful WWW Links

Please feel free to peruse our ideas on useful links below.

Babel Fish explained For anyone who does not know why Babel Fish is so called..
Thesaurus or Dictionary on line A dictionary or Thesaurus facility in case you need definitions or synonyms.. But beware some pop up ads!
Wikipedia Wine definition on wickipaedia..
Just in case you're hungover.. This advice from a Guardian doctor (as it were) can make it more bearable.
Dictionary of Australian Slang We tried not to use any to describe our fine Australian Wines but in case we have, this is the Aussie slang dictionary. It should help, or at least raise a smile. Unfortunately Babel Fish does not do direct translations - yet...
British American Dictionary For any Americans unable to understand our purple prose this should assist!
The free Another useful web based dictionary!
Article on Procyanidins, and reds from the South West of France Madiran is good for you! (Well at least in moderation!)
Streetmap This useful map site can also be of help in determining correct postcodes.
Alcohol and opiates Uncomfortable but high quality reading for those of us in the alcohol trade..
Pay On Results SEO
AIM (alcohol in moderation) Useful alcohol advice website
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Also probably the best Lager description in the world.. along with Lady Bracknell's Handbag, the motorised bar stool and other gems

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